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Quick HotS Trainer

Quick HotS Trainer

Publisher: POP POP LLC
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Publisher:POP POP LLC
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OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecture:x86, x64, ARM
OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecture:x86, x64, ARM


***** Temporary 40% off Sale *****

When I built this app, it was really for myself. I wanted a way to improve my Heroes of the Storm abilities. You see, I'm decent at the game, but some heroes are just really difficult to play. I go online and see other people doing amazing things with them. And then I try to do them, but I catch myself pressing the wrong buttons, or not remembering which buttons to press.

Like with Samuro... Did you know that at level 10, if you take Illusion Master, you can recall one of your Mirror Images, swap with them, heal up, and a few seconds later swap back to lane? It's like unlimited sustain. But if you aren't quick, you will have to walk back to lane.

Okay, so maybe you knew that, but are you good at doing it? I've come up with some of the best strategies out there from my own experience and watching other successful streamers doing their thing. I've narrowed those strategies down to certain keystrokes you should press to accomplish these actions as quickly as possible.

I've also created a little game out of it, letting you practice pressing the keystrokes on your keyboard in the right order to practice the talent.

So for Samuro, if you want to recall like I talked about above, you press: shift+q, shift+2, shift+b, shift+d. Then in a few seconds, you should automatically swap back to lane. Samuro might walk, so you should press S to stop right away so you don't leave the fountain. When you are ready to swap back, press: 2, d. And if you're worried about not pressing it fast enough because you didn't swap very quickly at first, you can press 2 and hold d. Holding d is like spamming the d key. So you know that if there is enough time to swap, you will, and won't be determined by how fast you can spam that d key manually.

Wow. That's a lot of info, but it's just a little tidbit of what you can learn by purchasing this app.

It's pretty new though, even though I've been playing HotS for a few years now. So we don't have a ton of heroes, or a ton of strategies yet. But the ones we do have are solid. Heck, last season I played Samuro during my placements only and won 9/10 of my placements. I only died 6x in those 10 matches. And I'm not even that talented or fast at pressing keystrokes myself. I'm just able to execute the appropriate moves at will due to practice with this app.

The focus of this app will be geared toward heroes that are more difficult to play and require more micro than normal. This means characters like Samuro, The Lost Vikings, and Rexxar.

Since we don't have a lot of content yet, we're temporarily lowering the price of this app by 40%. As new content arrives, all updates will be free. We plan to keep playing this game for a long time, so expect regular updates as Blizzard releases new content and makes changes to existing characters. We'll do our best to give our customers as much value as we can.

Each strategy I come up takes time to formulate, validate, test, and write up. So you know that all our strategies will be sound and as streamlined as possible even if this app isn't the prettiest one out there. Download our Quick HOTS Trainer today!

*** Please note that you must have a keyboard and mouse to use the Practice Tool.

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  • 3/3/2018
    Typing training but for HotS by Brandon

    A friend recommended this to me to help my Samuro tech skill. This program helped out a lot!


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