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Publisher: 오식
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License: Free
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User-rating:5.0 ( 8 Reviews )
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English (United States)

OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1
OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1


This game is a high quality shooting game. This game has 15 stages and 3 bosses. You should kill enemies with your bullets. Enemies are shapes. triangle,circle,etc.. You have 3 lives until stage 10. After stage 10, you will have 5 lives. In Survival mode, you have 7 lives. How to play --- →←↑↓ or touch(mouse) = moving space bar or touch(mouse) = shooting shift = move slower enter = Pause Button B = Go back to title or stage select room. Button C = Achievements Button O = Option

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  • 2/14/2014
    Debonair 짱!! by grace

    제가 해본 슈팅게임중에 가장 중독성있는 게임이네요. 불꽃 발사되는것도 멋있고... 정말 최고입니다. 오식님 힘내세요!!

  • 1/24/2014
    Wow!! Debonair! by newnew

    What the amazing game! I was so surprised! This game is 5 star class!

  • 1/16/2014
    중독성이.. 짱입니다 by JongIk

    제목이 곧 내용


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