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OS:Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
OS:Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8


Dictionary is an interactive English Dictionary containing over 150,000 words and definitions. The definitions are stored locally for maximum responsiveness, without the need for a data connection. The home page contains a randomly selected word cloud which will pique your curiosity, while the search box allows you to find specific words easily. As you type, Dictionary homes in on the word you are looking for. Then you can follow the links in the definition page to get more word definitions. Wildcard letters can be used to help with word games where only some of the letters are known. New in Version 3.9.2 Synonyms and antonyms Additional words and corrections Bug fixes New in Version 3.9.1 More up-to-date definitions for many words Cortana integration Bug fixes New in Version 3.8.2 Approx. 60,000 words added Live tile fully supports Windows Phone 8.1 transparency New in Version 3.8.1 Definitions contain example usage drawn from classical literature etc. Copy function to capture word, definition and favourites to use in other apps. Speak icon gives full definition Tap speak icon a second time to stop UI improvements Bug fixes to support Windows Phone 8.1 New in Version 3.7.5 Bug fix - Word of the Day tile Option to pin regular tile from settings page Review button in addition to feedback button on about page New in Version 3.7: Live Tile Pronunciation UI improvements Bug fixes

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  • 3/16/2015
    by Satej

    Great app ever found in windows phone store

  • 6/30/2014
    by Gunjan

    It's a good dictionary, but it's a much better app! Loads really fast and you'll reach your word in a instant(faster than any other dictionary on the store*). One of the few free dictionaries that offer offline word lookup. Love it!

  • 4/28/2014
    by User

    I like this app! It has a bunch of random words in the opening screen that seem uncommon. At least, to me, they're uncommon. You can learn from it! ^-^

  • 6/2/2014
    by User

    I like the numerous words that come up. Especially if I am unsure of the spelling.

  • 6/2/2014
    by Gabriel

    Best dictionary app I've ever had. The fact that they have random selections of less known words on the homepage is a definite plus

  • 1/21/2015
    by Crisionie

    This is such an impressive dictionary matched with windows speech engine.. 5 stars aren't enough for the rating..

  • 1/28/2015
    by sycelle

    I love it! It was so helpful especially when I'm reading books. I'm a bookworm

  • 6/19/2017
    Fantastic product by Øystein

    Best offline dictionary available. Great design, quick and easy.


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