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Hidden Object : Film Ready Action

Hidden Object : Film Ready Action

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OS:Windows 10


An addictive hidden object game!

Making movies is definitely one of the most creative jobs in the world. Every segment of this complex process asks for a lot of imagination and of course, a lot of work. Usually the first segment is writing the screenplay which is a job that not many people could manage doing it successfully. Yes, there is a need of a good idea, writing down that idea asks for a real talent so it could sound as it should. The imagination plays a huge role here and it continues working with the job of the director who composes all the segments together. The screenplay, the actors, the photography, the locations... everything is just a piece until the director joins all together and makes the miracle!

Karen works as a main assistant of the director. This is something she always loved doing and she does it with no trouble. The movie is ready to be filmed, but Karen has to finish the final preparations, to make sure that everything goes just fine. This girl has a task to find all needed requisites that will be used for filming today’s scenes.

Now this is your chance to see how the things work in the film industry. Please help Karen find the requisites and working together with her you will learn a lot about filming. Are you prepared to start? Ready, steady, action!

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