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OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecture:x86, x64, ARM


More than just a cheat sheet or reference, the JSON Pro Quick Guide provides beginners with a simple introduction to the basics, and experts will find the advanced details they need. Loads of extras are included: introduction, data types, cheat sheet, examples, and more.

Along with the following additional JSON information: Basics: - JSON Introduction - Syntax - Data Types - JSON use in Ajax - Schema

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About JSON Pro
  • JSON Property

    Property that may be used with document expected default value for all of the property: most often used as source information for generating schemas (like JSON .

  • JSON Pronunciation

    Mar 12, 2015 - According to be able to Douglas Crockford who introduced JSON, it's pronounced just like the name Jason (JAY-sun). I imagine anyone who pronounces it JAY-sawn also pronounces Bon Iver as Bon-Evair, and Browserify as Brow-sara-fy..

  • JSON Protocol

    It is easy for humans to be able to read and write. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for machines to be able to parse and generate..

  • JSON Property Name

    This sample uses T:Newtonsoft.Json.JsonPropertyAttribute to be able to change all the names of properties once they are serialized to be able to JSON..

  • JSON Property C#

    Maps a JSON property to be able to a .NET member and / or constructor parameter..

  • Jsonpropertyorder

    Annotation that may be used to be able to define ordering (possibly partial) to be able to use once serializing object properties. Properties included with annotation declaration will be .

  • JSON Property Annotation

    Apr 17, 2019 - @JsonAnyGetter. Here's a quick example . The @JsonAnyGetter annotation allows the exact flexibility of using a Map field as standard properties.

  • JSON Protobuf

    Protocol buffers, and / or Protobuf, is a binary format created by Google in order to really serialize data between different services. Protocol buffers, usually. Jan 31, 2017 - Protobuf, the entire binary format crafted by Google, surpasses JSON performance even upon JavaScript environments such as Node.js/V8 and web browsers.