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Adobe Photoshop Express- Easy & Quick Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express- Easy & Quick Photo Editor

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User-rating:4.0 ( 25K Reviews )
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OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture:ARM, x86, x64
OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture:ARM, x86, x64


Snap. Edit. Share. Smile. The free Adobe Photoshop Express app provides photo magic at your fingertips.

Join millions of creative folks who trust and use Adobe Photoshop Express for fast, powerful, and easy editing. This is the one-stop shop for your quick and fabulous photo editing needs.

Use Adobe Photoshop Express to create better looking pictures. Use slide bar adjustments or automatic one-touch fixes to achieve great results. If you’re new to the app, here are few ways to improve your photos:



* Now choose from more than 45 eye-catching effects called Looks! Control the intensity of Looks with a simple slider. Different categories of Looks like Black and White, Portrait, Nature, Pop Color, and Duo Tones help to get you the right effect to apply. BORDERS:

*Borders: Use our newly added Borders to add a distinctive personal touch to your photos with 30+ borders and frames. Express yourself! EDIT PHOTOS:

* Quickly open photos from the device. * Snap pictures from right within the app. * Edit photos to their possible best. An easy to use interface provides seamless switching between various edits. * The comprehensive photo editor allows you to polish your photos so that you can turn your imagination to reality.


* Fix photos fast — crop, straighten, rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, flip horizontal and vertical.

* Crop also provides easy one-touch default aspect ratios.


Make your photos pop with simple sliders:

* Control and set contrast, clarity, saturation, vibrance, dehaze Use these controls in your photos to produce stunning results. Contrast is an attention-grabbing control that can turn your ordinary photo into a dazzling masterpiece. Adjust the color saturation using the Vibrance and Saturation controls. Adjust clarity slider to reveal more texture and detail in your photos. Use the Dehaze slider to add or remove haze from your photo.

* Exposure, highlights, shadows, blacks and whites You can fine-tune the photo’s exposure setting using the Exposure adjustment controls. Highlights and Shadows are the best way to optimize your photo’s exposure in the highlights, midtones, and shadows, without compromising on other areas of tonality. Use Blacks and Whites to set black point and white point of the photo. This makes more colors appear completely black or white.

* Temperature and Tint Use Temperature and Tint controls to introduce warmth or coldness to your photo. You can also control the amount of green and red tones in your photo. Use the Temperature slider controls to increase or decrease the amount of orange or blue tone. Increasing the amount of orange introduces warmth to your photo. Increasing the amount of blue introduces coldness to your photo. Use the Tint slider control to add more red or green tone to your photo. Auto White-Balance does this automatically for you.

* Details Use Sharpen, Reduce Luminance Noise, and Reduce Color Noise to make photos look more beautiful and minimize unwanted grain and speckling in your photos.


* Just a tap is required to remove red-eye of people or pets in photos. You can use the Red Eye tool to reduce the red eyes in the subjects of your photo. This desaturates the red pixels within the target area and reduces the effect.


* Edit your photos with a one-touch auto adjustment.

RAW PHOTO SUPPORT: *Photoshop Express supports the following file formats: • Photo: JPG, PNG • Raw files: arw (SONY), cr2 (CANON), crw (CANON), dng, erf (EPSON), raf (FUJI), 3fr & fff (HASSELBLAD), dcr (KODAK), mrw (KONICA), mos (LEAF), rwl (LEICA), nef & nrw (NIKON), orf (OLYMPUS), rw2 (PANASONIC), pef (PENTAX), srw (SAMSUNG. PRINT FEATURE: * Print the edited photos directly using your Windows device. STORE AND SHARE:

* Your original photo is not lost during editing. Undo and redo the changes until you get the desired look.

* Easy sharing, your way: Instantly share your edited photos on Facebook.


English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Turkish.

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  • 4/12/2016
    SIMPLE by Derek

    This isn't the Photoshop you are looking for. If you think you are going to be able to change the way you photos look realize that this is just an app that crops and puts filters on. No fancy stuff. Its basically the "edit" button in the iPhone photos app, just made by Adobe. Fine for simplistic edits, but not for complex changes. Not at all what I thought it was.

  • 6/17/2016
    You want ALL FEATURES? Get Photoshop CS! by Kaitlyn

    I think it's funny that customers posting these reviews want everything for nothing. Express was designed and delivered as a way to make quick edits to pictures that DID NOT need to be heavily altered (i.e. for the non-graphic design user, hence why it is free, because it doesn't offer much in the way of professional editing). If you want to heavily alter the photos and create logos and banners, etc. then you need to PAY the money and buy Photoshop CS. It's not difficult guys. If you have been in the graphic design industry for long enough, then you know that good software comes at a price, but it also creates great returns as well.

  • 2/25/2016
    There are far better photo editors. by Gooby

    This is borderline photo editing software. If you want something that does the trick and is 100% free (no in-app purchases either), just get paint.net.

  • 8/23/2015
    by Everett

    For the limited features it has, it works great. The Defog filter makes this app all worth while! And I like that it keeps the saved picture at it's original resolution. Most any other editor would turn my phone's 8MP camera shots down to 1.5MP.


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