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Scary Brawl

Scary Brawl

Publisher: goatgame
License: Free
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User-rating:1.0 ( 0 Reviews )
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English (United States)

OS:Windows 10
Architecture:x86, x64
OS:Windows 10
Architecture:x86, x64


Scary Brawl is a highly addicting beat-em-up game featuring several of your favorite characters from Nickelodeon. This intense cast of fighters includes the likes of SpongeBob, Patrick, Korra, Timmy Turner and many others! Advance up the tower, beat all of your opponents and prove that you are the best scary brawler to unlock ghost tokens for your favorite characters! Every brawler has their own fighting style, special moves and finishing attacks. Do you have what it takes to reach the top of the tower?


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About Scary Brawl
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    Play Nickelodeon's Scary Brawl and other free online action games upon nick.co.uk and nicktoons.co.uk. How to be able to Play: Use all of the arrow keys to be able to move, all of the 'X' button to .

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