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Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome

Publisher: Gameloft.
( 13K Reviews )
License: Free
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User-rating:4.5 ( 13K Reviews )
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OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture:ARM, x86, x64
OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture:ARM, x86, x64


An epic fighting game set in an age of myth and legend that’s designed to offer a stunning experience! The souls of the most powerful gods have been summoned to brutal battle. Fight to restore peace in the most graphically amazing game for Windows. A pantheon of champions is yours to train to new heights as you enter an epic story full of daily challenges, mystical prizes and PvP combat. ◆ STUNNING NEXT-GEN 3D GRAPHICS & ART Gods of Rome pushes the limits of the platform by offering the best 3D graphics possible on Windows. ◆ SUMMON THE WORLD’S GREATEST WARRIORS Join the lofty ranks of THE ASCENDERS – the supreme summoners of ancient legend! As an Ascender, you can summon, upgrade, and manage gods, monsters, heroes and other mythical warriors in the fight against a dark force that threatens to enslave them all! - Zeus, Hades, Vulcan, Atlas, Spartacus, Medusa, and many more form the most powerful gathering of fighters the world has ever seen! - Undertake your journey through the ancient world's most incredible locations – Mount Olympus, the ruins of Pompeii, the Coliseum, and many more! - Discover the unique Bonds shared by your fighters to unlock powerful bonuses. ◆ FIGHT TO BECOME LEGEND Explore exciting world maps where formidable new opponents wait to challenge your fighting skills… Begin your quest to defeat the dark demon Tenebrous, an ancient evil who has unearthed the artefact known as the Chaos Vessel. As he threatens to enslave the world’s greatest warriors with its power, only the mighty summoners known as ""The Ascenders"" can rise up against his new regime! ◆ RISE TO THE CHALLENGE Participate in PvP Events to conquer your challengers, win rewards, upgrade your pantheon with new abilities and special moves, and become the top-ranking Ascender! ◆ UNLOCK MYSTICAL PRIZES Win Spheres to discover the treasures within: rare fighters, valuable resources and other amazing rewards!

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  • 12/29/2015
    by Samir

    Vai se fude,ques controles lixos tmnc no meio do PvP surrando o cara meu personagem começa a da ataques medios af brincadeira né?concerta isso porra,odio gameloft lixo

  • 1/8/2016
    Addictive and Promising by Mahmoud

    This game has great graphics and nice animations, it didn't compel me to buy in-game and gives free stuffs and prizes for progressing that encourages you to play more. The pace of progressing along with upgrades are balanced and doesn't make you weary. The sound effects are great and the fighters models look real. The Limited time challenges are great too. To put it in a nutshell it is awesome.

  • 3/14/2016
    Awesome game by Jennifer

    Addicting and doesn't *require* in-game purchases to advance through the story like many do. Definitely worth the download.

  • 12/19/2015
    EPIC by Stefan

    This game is a great button masher. The graphics is awesome, fights are engaging and the sound effects pushes the experience over the top. Characters are well modeled and brings the Greek legends to life. Well done!!

  • 3/2/2016
    Very good game! by Felicia

    Really fun! Only wish is that you could personalize your player but it is really fun!

  • 12/24/2015
    Great game by MARCUS

    Gameloft has given so much support to the Windows platform. This latest game is a fun addition. Great graphics and increasing challenge.


About Gods of Rome
  • Gods Of Rome

    An epic fighting game set on an age of myth and legend that shows you exactly just what exactly your mobile device is capable of! The souls of all of the most powerful gods have .

  • Gods Of Rome Characters

    Artemis. Achilles. Ares. Greek Hero, son of Thetis and Peleus, hero of the actual Trojan War, was said in order to really be invincible. The Egyptian god of the actual dead, usually depicted as a man with the actual head of a jackal. Artemis is the actual goddess of the actual hunt within Greek mythology. A mythological Greek God. Athena. Anubis. Dec 16, 2015 - Characters. Ashen Minotaur.

  • Gods Of Rome Wiki

    Classes are a system of advantages and disadvantages a character has if your matches up against certain other characters. There are five different classes .

  • Gods Of Rome Names

    In the actual table below is a list of . Most of the actual Greek Gods and Goddesses were adopted by the actual ancient Romans, although within most cases there was a change of name.

  • Gods Of Rome Cane Corso

    Gods of Rome Cane Corsos - Dayton, Texas 77535 - Rated 5 established on 10 Reviews "First let me start by saying exactly what amazing people they are!! When you buy a..

  • Gods Of Rome Apk

    An epic fighting game set with an age of myth and legend that shows you exactly whatever your mobile device is capable of! The souls of the actual most powerful gods have .

  • Gods Of Rome Cheats

    special nectar - qF5qpx; ranked up - Vy9TIA; unlimited energy - IPmRfL; material limit +500 - bz5Lkh ; level up - GPbh8x ; team limit +10 - 0yY0j4; energy limit +1000 - f59gDJ; gems - jFpWSP;. Hack cheats Gods of Rome android.

  • Gods Of Rome Gameplay

    Gods of Rome Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS] ------------------------------------------ PC Specs: CPU: Intel Core.

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