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My tooth fell out!

My tooth fell out!

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OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture:x86, x64


Audio and read-along | Interaction with characters and settings | Educational games

Interactive Children’s Book

This application, intended for preschool children, tells a story about the loss of the first baby tooth. Besides interacting with characters and settings throughout the whole story, it is also possible to play different games and perform several instructional activities. This engaging and educational app will capture children’s attention for hours on end.

INTERACTION WITH CHARACTERS AND SETTINGS - Leads unconsciously to the story’s analysis and favours reading comprehension

READ-ALONG FEATURE - The listen and read-along feature promotes reading development

EDUCATIONAL GAMES - It stimulates content's assimilation and the application of concepts in everyday life

This collection was designed by specialized professionals and aims to fulfil the need for the use of edutainment technologies qualification.

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  • 5/9/2016
    Grate book by Emma

    I wish they could make all the books like this best book

  • 1/23/2016
    it is a funny book and made me giggle a bit by Patricia Marie

    there is nothing bad about this

  • 10/27/2013
    best pet ever by Kim

    I have a black cat and pink

  • 6/25/2013
    Simple but funny by Microsoft

    Nice kids book

  • 1/2/2014
    Tna by Tina

    Could only work reader. No other functions worked...?

  • 12/23/2013
    wkghln jjcjjkkc by ismet

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    A tooth fell out, and left a space. My Tooth Fell Out. So big my tongue could touch my face. And every time I smile, I show a space where something used to be able to grow..

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