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INER cycle

INER cycle

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OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1
Architecture:ARM, x86, x64
OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1
Architecture:ARM, x86, x64


Download and try the INER Cycle application! The app gives you a possibility to note biological signs of the fertility during daily observations of a basal body temperature and a cervical mucus. Now you can do this in a convenient way! You can consult your observations with experienced teacher who will show you how to determine the fertility and infertility days in your cycle. What is important – all data are confidential and will not be shared with any other organization.  INER Cycle is the authorized tool of the Institute of Natural conception regulation Dr. med. Josef Rötzer – INER International and INER Poland - that teach the first all over the world modern and natural fertility awareness method developed by prof. Josef Rötzer. You are very welcome to participate in the course of this method with INER’ teacher (www.iner.org, www.iner.pl) or read the book: „Natural Conception Regulation” of prof. Josef Rötzer. Noting the body temperature measurements and cervical mucus observations and interpreting these signs you can indicate fertility and infertility days with great precision. INER Cycle is consistent with the nature, ecological, without limitations to creation and access to the cycle cards.  Try INER Cycle for free during 90 days!   The app may be helpful to: - monitoring woman’s fertility and health condition - reliably determine the best time to a child conception - increase a chance to conception (also for couples with a weaken fertility) - avoid pregnancy, even with 100% reliability - interpret cycle card whith a certified INER’ teacher App functions:

- storing the data in a cloud storage – the possibility to sign in different equipment with automatic synchronization, working offline (until the account in the system is active) - possibility to share the cycle card to interpretation for someone (for example husband) – free observator account - possibility to interpret the observations according to prof. Rötzer standardized card and signs - internet courses organizing possibility - printing cards - consulting cycle cards with INER’ teacher - many signs observations, your own notes - advanced chart showing temperature and fertility signs - context support - statistics - password protection - possibility to download the chart with interpretation in PDF version - languages: English, German, Polish   You can choose Observer or User account: Observer (for example husband) – may look through and interpret cycle cards that he has shared. The Observer account is for free.  User – has the possibility to insert and interpret observations. The user account is for free during first 90 days. After free trial period, the using of the system is payable 29,99 PLN for 1 year. The subscription payment is dedicated for INER Cycle maintenance and development. Before starting to use the app it is recommended to:  - read the instruction for prof.  Rötzer method http://iner.pl/metoda-rotzera/  - read the books about prof. Rötzer method (you can buy them in INER online shop) https://sklep.iner.pl/   - take part in the sympto-thermal method of prof. Rötzer course http://iner.pl/kursy/  Contact: INER International ….. Instytut Naturalnego Planowania Rodziny według metody prof. dr med. J. Rötzera ul. Nowogrodzka 49 00-695 Warszawa Poland www.iner.pl biuro@iner.pl

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