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Halal Bazar

Halal Bazar

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English (United States) Bosanski (Bosna I Hercegovina) Deutsch (Deutschland)

OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecture:x86, x64, ARM
OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecture:x86, x64, ARM


HALAL BAZAR is an application for mobile devices for checking Halal status of the product and services. This edition brings a lot of new features including short description of basic Halal terminology and guides for Halal certified hotels and restaurants.

The application is completely free for users and easy to use. After launching of the application, from main screen users can navigate between three main links "Products", "Hotels & Restaurants" and " Producers. All other informations are available on "Menu" by clicking icon on top-left side of the screen.

To check PRODUCTS users can access directly to products database by clicking "products" gumb and use search engine to find any products by filtering keywords. Other option is to activate the scanner (camera) and by reading the barcode of products get information is the product halal certified or not. When product is certified then it shows immediately essential informations about the product including basic information of product and producer name, and if available barcode and link to producer data.

For checking HOTELS & RESTAURANTS users can navigate through list Halal certified facilities and get informations and contact details.

All Halal certified COMPANIES are listed in alphabetical order. Information on companies contain name of company, contact details and full list of their Halal certified products.

DATA-BASE of Halal Certified Products and Services

The data-base consist the list of products and services Halal Certified by the Agency for Halal Quality Certification and other halal certification bodies applying same halal certification standards and procedures. Each halal certifier is responsible for validity of data relying on its certification. The Agency for Halal Quality Certification in the regular procedure requires collection of barcodes of each Halal certified product. Thorough post-certification audits and laboratory analyzes the Agency collects additional information and update its data-base of the Halal certified products, and make it available for public on web-page: www.halal.ba. This data-base is completely reliable because of: - Controlling and verification activities, - Very frequent updates, - Barcodes are always stated on every packaging.

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About Halal Bazar
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    This edition brings a lot of new . Mar 27, 2018 - HALAL BAZAR is an application for mobile devices for checking Halal status of the actual product and services.

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    I came which can this market specially because I needed halal meet.. Grocery: they have a huge collection of Indian/Bangladeshi spices and vegetables. Photo of Apon Bazar - Halal Meat, Grocery and Halal Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA, United States by Sunny D.

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