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Call of Dead: Modern Duty Shooter & Zombie Combat

Call of Dead: Modern Duty Shooter & Zombie Combat

Publisher: T-Bull
( 21K Reviews )
License: Free
Available on
Mobile device


User-rating:4.4 ( 21K Reviews )
Language supported:

English (United States)

OS:Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
OS:Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8


No.1 Shooting game with Aliens has Arrived

Be the last witness of dying city. Become the first hope of dying humanity. Shoot, kill and prevail by defending your trenches in this acclaimed first person shooting game. Download for Free Now!

Features included: - epic campaign in a ruined city, - become a hero in the middle of an alien invasion, - beautiful environment of ruined city to die in, - crazy aliens to kill, - millions of aliens with mixed feelings towards you, - tons of bullets which want to hug your enemies, - defend your trenches and progress through the city, - experience dramatic storyline twists

Ruined City Experience the call of duty and start fighting off an alien invasion in horrific (yet beautiful) environment of a ruined city. Frontline warfare taking place in destroyed human cities full of modern combat.

Alone in Trenches Barricaded in trenches with your finger on the weapons trigger and surrounded by the dead. Frontline battle full of bullets, weapons and space monsters.

Deadly Weapon Bring hot, steamy iron death on your enemies, hunt them down like they were just defenseless deer. Take your weapon and send a barrage of bullets in modern warfare. Your duty wouldn’t call and wait - you can’t hesitate, just kill, shoot, and vaporize them with unusual determination.

Psychological Background of Hero Left by his family, former war hero had no sense of meaning in a world of peace and happiness. When the first alien ships darkened the sun he was almost happy. Battle has come and the armies are preparing - his world and his greatness will come again. Battlefield was his natural environment and that’s why he was born and raised. After dramatic defeat of army in huge battle for the city he decided to take the modern combat into his hands. He took his favorite gun, and became the doom of the frontline commando enemies. Born for duty, called by fate, bringing death with his weapon trigger.

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  • 7/10/2014
    by Cliff

    Wow! Great time playing. Control is a little bit touchy, but you get the idea after the first wave of buggies. This is one game I will keep for a while. Going graphics, so-so music. Sound effects are not going to win a prize but they are okay. Overall a great time killer and good fun. Not a lot of gore which I find refreshing for a FPS. Thank you for a great free game. Remember - you paid NOTHING for this game so enjoy it for what it is and the work put into it. Don't expect Halo level game play from a free download. Be kind to the developers and thank them for the gift. Thank you again dev. CVN Spokane Washington

  • 2/17/2017
    by michael

    My son downloaded this, I figured I was going to delete it but found myself hooked when I started playing. Definitely gonna keep this app.

  • 12/6/2015
    by Travis

    Entertaining helps pass the time when you have time to kill

  • 6/23/2014
    by Anthony

    This title isn't bad as a game. Controls are smooth, it looks good. However, I realize free games are free through ads and in-app purchases. I get an adult dating site popping up between waves. Wildly inappropriate.

  • 12/10/2015
    by User

    Very interesting and cool . Easy to get stuck on until my battery is dead

  • 5/17/2016
    by Maryus

    This game is more about trying not to click the ads when playing then it about killing things. Do yourself a favor and pass. Not playable unless you pay them 0.99 to get rid of the ads that are conveniently place so you can "accidentally" hit something and I see better gameplay on steam green light then this white. -5 out of 5 star I would kill myself before installing this again.

  • 7/7/2014
    by Schuyler

    Good better if you could walk around


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