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Publisher: David Peroutka
( 4843 Reviews )
License: Free
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Mobile device



Category:Role playing
User-rating:4.2 ( 4843 Reviews )
Publisher:David Peroutka
Language supported:

Čeština (Česká Republika) Deutsch (Deutschland) English (United States) Español (España Alfabetización Internacional) Italiano (Italia) Português (Brasil) 日本語 (日本) 한국어(대한민국) 中文(中华人民共和国) 中文(香港特別行政區)

OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture:ARM, x86, x64
OS:Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture:ARM, x86, x64


Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters! Become the Black Swordsman and slay thousands of enemies in an epic action RPG!


The game is free up to character level 10. There are no microtransactions! If you like the game, you can upgrade to a premium edition.


"The variety and detail of the enemies is also wonderful. The game is incredibly polished from top to bottom." - PC Mag

"Reaper is exactly the kind of quality we’ve all come to expect from Hexage, and well worth adding to your mobile collection." - Geek.com

"Hexage really nailed the whole concept. This is one of the most additive and entertaining games I have played." - The Android Arcade


Please contact support@hexage.net with any inquiry or feedback.

Follow @hexage on Twitter for the latest development updates and news.

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  • 6/18/2014
    by David

    Just buy one of the versions that you can and I promise you, hours of immersion, excitement and TIME will be spent on the game, LITERALLY. I absolutely love the game and surely couldn't ask for more. What a intriguing story to say the least. The amount of work and time that has been used is unparalleled. Greatest game on Windows Phone and most polished, refined and colorful game. There is so much to say, but let me end it by giving my highest recommendation, rating and recognition, to the best game EVER on Windows Phone l, if not on other platforms as well. THANK YOU HEXAGE AND THE PERSON/PEOPLE BEHIND!!

  • 8/10/2014
    Excellent! by Manning

    This game is done very well. Its graphics are great, everything in the game makes sense, and leveling up seems very rewarding. The only thing that doesn't make sense in the game is the fact that if you get defeated in combat, you can't travel anywhere until you try again and win the combat. This can get really annoying if you want to travel to a store after failing a combat in order to get better gear for the combat before trying again. Everything else about this game is awesome about this game!

  • 6/11/2016
    Great game until you have to pay to advanced by harrison

    Awesome game, was having a great time then BAM. either pay or forget about advancing any further

  • 5/13/2014
    by Nathan

    This is a fantastic action RPG! Easily one of best games I've played on WP8. I don't usually bother writing reviews but this is a great game!

  • 3/25/2014
    I am become Death. by Billy

    This game is great! It's not -exactly- free, somewhere around character level 5 it starts reminding you every time you level up that you can only play to level 10 in the free version. I didn't make it to level 10 before I decided to buy it. There are 3 purchase levels, the first being a full game unlock, the other two adding new game content, as well as new items in the shops. The highest upgrade includes the lower ones as well, and it's only 5 bucks. And this game is well worth $5.00!! You play as a dark swordsman in a world of gun-toting Imperials, magic wielding Wilderlings, and evil flaming Demons! It's a side-scrolling action RPG, complete with equipment upgrades, level upgrades, and cheesy dialogue! Speaking of dialogue, they probably could have used some help with translation, because some of the sentences seem... off. Once the story has concluded, it has options to reset the areas and start all over again, which I'm about to do now. Hoping to see more like it from these guys.

  • 9/8/2014
    by darrell

    I never spend on games. This was that one exception. It's a brilliant game with great graphics. I've been playing it over and over again!

  • 10/16/2013
    by Devin

    Excellent graphic design and game play.


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