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Linez V+

Linez V+

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OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecture:x86, x64, ARM
OS:Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile
Architecture:x86, x64, ARM


Linez is a highly addictive classic board game. Simply place five or more pieces in a line, horizontally, vertically or diagonally to score points.

Linez is based on the highly addictive Lines games. Your objective is simply to score the highest number of points and enter the High Score Hall of Fame.

At the start of game a number of pieces are positioned at random on the board. Turns consist of the player moving a single piece from one square to another. Once a piece has been moved three additional pieces are positioned at random on the board.

Points are scored and pieces removed from the board when five or more pieces of the same type are aligned, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Bonus points are scored for achieving more than five in a line or making more than one line of five pieces at a time.

The game continues until there are no more free squares on the board.

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