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Cracking Sands

Cracking Sands

( 169 Reviews )
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User-rating:3.7 ( 169 Reviews )
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Deutsch (Deutschland) English (United States) Español (España Alfabetización Internacional) Français (France) Italiano (Italia) Português (Portugal)

OS:Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
OS:Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8


Cracking Sands delivers a brutal off-road racing experience. Plunging players into a stunningly frenzied and chaotic race - environment awash with grit, mud and petrol, in a game that leaves the standard rules of racing in the dust. Gone are the limits of power restrictions, limited classes and qualifying rounds. Players simply choose their vehicle from a vast range – then hit the track in a no-holds-barred sprint to the finish line. Carving a swathe of destruction through the ever-changing wilderness, players must compete in a high octane-fuelled, horsepower spectacle where the only rule is to win the race. Your goal is to win by any means necessary! Complete the races throughout the campaign to earn gold to buy upgrades from the garage and unlock new Quick Race Modes. How you win will depend on the race mode you are playing: Normal Race: In this race mode you compete against up to six other racers. To win you need to be the first to complete all the laps in the race. Head of the pack: In head of the pack the goal is to hold the pole position for a certain time, when the time is up, you are awarded one point. If you are unable to hold first position during this time, the timer will reset and start ticking for the new leader. The player that reaches a certain amount of points wins the race. Elimination: In Elimination you run for as many laps as possible. For each lap the last player across the line is eliminated from the race. The race is over if you are eliminated. you win the race by being the last man standing! Time Trial: Race against the clock on the track of choice. You can either race against yourself or against a friends ghost downloaded through Xbox LIVE.

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  • 3/21/2014
    by Logan

    Update it for 1080 p screens please. The black bars are beyond annoying.

  • 9/6/2014
    by Irfanullah

    please update for 1080p

  • 9/24/2013
    by MICHAEL D

    Fun game. Easy achievement plus avatar awards. Good buy.

  • 12/10/2013
    by User

    Nice gameplay and graphics

  • 8/26/2013
    by User

    Bad ***, love it. HTC Titan ll

  • 8/16/2013
    by Mike

    Nice game


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