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Age of Sorcery

Age of Sorcery

Publisher: Ocous Mobile
( 9522 Reviews )
License: Free
Available on
Mobile device


User-rating:4.7 ( 9522 Reviews )
Publisher:Ocous Mobile
Language supported:

English (United States) Русский (Россия) 中文(中华人民共和国)

OS:Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
OS:Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8


Age of Sorcery is a FREE massively multiplayer online (MMO) mobile game for serious empire builders, a strategy game on a whole new scale! In Age of Sorcery, you are building your own empire in a world of conflict and magic, developing your cities powered by magic energy, hunting legendary monsters in the wild world, occupying precious resource lands and conquering palaces abandoned by the gods. While resources are not unlimited, with the expansion of each empire, the players' armies start to engage each other, alliances form and war is inevitable! ***********GAME FEATURES*********** ★ Massively Multiplayer Online Game Optimized for Windows Phone devices! ★ Gorgeous graphics with tons of ANIMATIONS! ★ Form alliance, conquer and raid other players LIVE! ★ Compete in the leaderboard for fame, power, wealth and glory! ★ Extremely addictive and interesting gameplay in real time ★ Conquer enemies across the vast world map ★ Invite friends to make your empire stronger! ★ and much, much more! Note: A network connection is required to play **********V1.9.7 Update********* ★ Updated the game client to be compliant with the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 ★ Fixed the battle time bug for countries with 15/30mins time zone offset ★ Removed the banner ads from the World view for all users "Great game, as pathetic as it sounds I plan my day around it." - iamCANAD1AN28 "Truly spectacular!" - Data Sloth "Age of Sorcery has take over my life!" - AlthalustheThief "the only thing that makes me believe on wp7 future. Great job" - bynnkus "Very, very good game. Nothing else like it on WP7." - VividNinjaScar Website: http://www.ageofsorcery.com Terms of Use: http://www.ageofsorcery.com/EULA.htm

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  • 1/28/2015
    by Abhishek

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    by jon

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  • 5/26/2014
    by Ryan

    So far, great game! This is really fun, and it's awesome how much you can do, all for FREE! Enter 0OJCY5 as a referral code, and you will get an extra 100 free gems to start with! (They are extremely helpful for speeding up building construction, army creations, etc.)

  • 6/24/2015
    by User

    Realistic In your expectations of instant build management. I've enjoyed the replenishment speed.

  • 2/28/2015
    by Julie

    FOR ALL NEW PLAYERS: 1. Join the ODYSSEY SERVER 2. Pick HOLY 3. Type in this for your referral code: SKRKRB and get 100 free gems! 4. Have fun !!!!!


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