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Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct

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User-rating:4.3 ( 3011 Reviews )
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OS:Windows 10
OS:Windows 10


Is your PC Killer Instinct ready? Click ‘More’ to find out!

Discover your Killer Instinct! The legendary fighting game franchise comes to Windows 10!

The legendary fighting franchise is back with all new visuals, over-the-top action, a wild cast of combatants, rocking reactive music, and C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERS!!! Choose your ultimate combatants each with fluid animations, unique combat tactics, and enthralling special attacks. Use the open-ended combo system to rack up huge combos as your opponent looks for openings to break you and turn the tides of battle. Go online and compete against players from all over the world, or master your combat skills with in-depth tutorials and intelligent AI combatants. Controller recommended FEATURES: • Fight for Free! Play all game modes with a free fighter, including online multiplayer! Fighters are available for individual purchase or get the whole cast in a bundle. • Extensive cast of powerful combatants with tons of customization options including Retro Costumes and Accessories. • 20 Stages with intense stage destruction. • Competitive online matches with state-of-the-art fighting game netcode. • Test your skill online in Monthly Ranked Leagues. • Cinematic Story Mode. • Extensive Dojo tutorial teaches all the core mechanics for Killer Instinct. • Train an AI combatant and challenge your friends to asynchronous matches in Shadow Lab. • Free Updates to the base game - all Fighter balance patches are included for free.

XBOX LIVE FEATURES: • Online multiplayer Cross Play with Xbox One. Pay attention to the Performance Grading test automatically performed before your first match. • Play anywhere with Cloud Save between Xbox One and Windows 10. • Killer Instinct includes rich Xbox Live features like Achievements, Game DVR, Leaderboards, and more. • To play this game, you'll need to use your existing account on Xbox Live or the same Microsoft account you used to purchase the game.

ADDITIONAL PC SPECIFICATIONS: • Supported peripherals: Windows-compatible keyboard, Xbox One Controller for Windows, Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, and Xbox 360 Fight Sticks.* Controller recommended. • Network: Broadband Internet connection SUPPORTED OS: Windows 10 (64-bit version only) with Windows 10 November update installed (Windows Version 1511). Learn how to check what version of Windows 10 your PC is running and how to update to Windows 10 Version 1511 at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/windows-update-faq. DEFAULT INSTALL LOCATION: Killer Instinct will install to the default location set by your device. To see where the game will install as default, press the Windows key, type “Storage” and then select ‘Storage.’ Here you can choose which drive apps will save to by default.

KNOWN ISSUES: • To enable cross save between Xbox One and Windows 10, you must sign in on the same Microsoft Account associated with your Gamertag on Xbox One. • *Xbox 360 Fight Sticks are supported. Xbox One Fight Stick support will be available in a future release of Windows 10.


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  • 10/29/2017
    游戏不错,希望完善中文支持 by 辰


  • 4/17/2016
    KI is back and it is now on PC! by Jay

    Now that they fixed the minor refresh issue. I have had no problems. Supreme Victory! Do yourself a favor and get this game. It is hot and you can try it out for free or pay in for cheaper than SFV and get a game that is more complete and is a fuller package than its rival. For free you get a character on rotation to try out basically all the modes. A word of caution that this is a glorified demo though rather than a true free to play game: That said, it's better this way because you can pay in $50 and get the all in pack with all the trimmings or you can pay $40 I think for the regular edition and get all 3 seasons. Massively better bang for your buck than Street Fighter V.

  • 6/26/2016
    Better than the originals. by Zach

    I grew up playing KI. I preferred it to the other fighting games of its day and I have to say that these guys nailed it. It's very apparent that they really care about the game and really wanted to be true to the original. But they weren't afraid to add new features and elements that built on the original idea and improved it. The strength of the KI combo system is its accessibility to newer players. However, the individual "combo traits" for the characters really makes each character feel unique and makes mastering them interesting. I also absolutely love the music!

  • 4/14/2017
    5 Star Fighting Game - Docked for Business Practices by Sean

    The game itself is an awesome fighting game. Very well done fighting mechanics and combo system. I would rate it at 5 stars. Unfortunately I have to dock 3 stars from my rating because of the developers/publishers decision to be greedy with their purchasing options. I started with purchasing the Season 1 & 2 Bundle for $19.99... Played that for a while and enjoyed it. Then I decided to buy the Season 3 bundle so I looked at the in-game store... There are two versions of season 3, normal and ultimate edition. I figured that spending an extra $19.99 on the game would have given me the rest of the available characters so far. NOPE... I am sorry, but the ultimate edition is not worth another $39.99 you greedy @$&^*!... Then I find out that there is a separate "definitive edition" for only $39.99 and it comes with basically everything in the game? BULL$&!#!... Why don't you guys offer me some sort of discount on that since I clearly already own Season 1/2 and now Season 3? Not Cool!

  • 3/30/2016
    Feels just like the original arcade did! by Clay

    Fast pace, retro references, funky music and the most beautiful graphics. Been waiting ages for this!

  • 3/30/2016
    Incredibly Well Optimized MKX-replacer by Nick

    First off, let me just say that I loved MK9 but found that MK 10 was a broken turd of a game. It was a broken turd of a game. Now, onto Killer Instinct. This game was a launch app for Xbox One, and after great success, they came out with three additional seasons and a PC port. The roster is massive; one character for free users, the three $40 seasons include a s-- um, soup--load of new characters, and quite a few of them are actually Microsoft/RARE guest-stars. Now, I'd talk about how much I love the gameplay of it, but first I just NEED to talk about the PC port, because it's perfect. Crossplay and Crossbuy with Xbox One, solid netcode, and perfect performance on a 9-year-old Pentium. Don't be afraid to try it, the specs are incredibly forgiving and it runs perfectly on an extremely outdated system. Just bring a decent GPU! When you feel up for the full experience, the seasons altogether are $50 in the KI Supreme Edition. That's 25 fighters, and worth every cent!

  • 4/7/2016
    Great, but Player Beware by Adam

    This is a great port to PC, and has cross-play with Xbox One, so the player pool is already large and established. The visuals are fantastic, and gameplay is solid. Character animations are slightly rigid, but the robust combo system makes up for it. It also takes note from SFIV and pours on the '90s nostalgia, which is welcome for long-time Fighting Game fans like myself. That said, this is NOT a F2P title. The F2P aspect of the game is basically a demo, with only one playable character. The game is actually a reasonable $50 to unlock all content (except Shadow Jago), with characters purchasable, a la carte, for $5 each (not so reasonable IMO, but the option is there for those that want it). Characters in the game are NOT earnable, and must be purchased with real money. Just a heads-up for those of you out there expecting a F2P game; this isn't one of 'em.


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