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Broken Age

Broken Age

Licence: 569,00 kč včetně dph
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Licence:569,00 kč včetně dph
Kategorie:Akční a adventury
Hodnocení:5.0 ( 0 Hodnocení )
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English (United States) Français (France) Deutsch (Deutschland) Italiano (Italia) Español (España Alfabetización Internacional) Русский (Россия)

OS:Windows 10
OS:Windows 10


Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story of barfing trees and talking spoons. Vella Tartine and Shay Volta are two teenagers in strangely similar situations, but radically different worlds. The player can freely switch between their stories, helping them take control of their own lives, and dealing with the unexpected adventures that follow.

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  • 24. 9. 2017
    Great by Bronislav

    I had a great time with my 12y twins and this game. Due to catching story with many twists they almost didn't notice I made them learn English. I only wish dialogs could be paused and/or repeated.


O Broken Age

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